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10:41pm – Now that’s the Obama I voted for in 2008.  Total annihilation by Obama.  Romney is going to get punished by fact-checkers and lost the charisma battle.  Fuck yes!  Now time to go drunkenly flirt with my godless, wonderful girlfriend.

Sleep well, everybody.

10:38pm – Mitt early in the debate: “My goal is to create jobs.  I’m going to create 12 million jobs.”

Mitt now: “Government doesn’t create jobs.”

Mitt now:  “The president has tried to paint me as someone I’m not.”  Not as much as you have!

And we’re all children of the same god?  That’s why every state is like Utah, right?  Strange how a lot of other people’s gods managed to get racism right before 1978.

10:33pm -Romney is the one of the people sending jobs to China!!! Sweatshop. Sensata.

Also, Romney says the tax rate on American business is 35%.  True, but their effective tax rate is much lower…like 2%.


If you’re a single parent, divorced, or a gay parent, are you responsible for gun violence?  In what universe does Mitt Romney live?

Not that Michaelyn may not marry me one day for mah gunz.  😉

10:20pm – Awesome tweet: “If we let Romney keep talking, he may just dig himself to China.”  If Romney would just stop lying, he wouldn’t have a problem.  Glad to see a moderator calling people on bullshit.

10:18pm – “Can you say that a little louder, Candy?”  Fuck yes!  Catch the liar!

10:15pm – Romney lied about knowing the ambassadors who died until Glen Doherty’s mom told him to STFU and stop lying.  He also totally jumped the gun on the event and criticized things that had zero to do with the Libya shooting.  And he’s accusing Obama of not knowing stuff?  The hubris of this guy!

10:10pm – Romney, the actual king of flip flops, just accused  Obama of not keeping promises.

Also, Romney, who says we have to crack down on China, says “You *also* have investments in China.”  Brilliant.

Also, “I don’t look at my pension, it’s not as big as yours.”  Booyah! The “You’re as bad as me” approach is not much of an argument.

10:06pm – Remember that time that Romney talked about demanding that women get hired?  Yeah, turns out there were no women at Bain Capital during his time.

Because fuck the 9th commandment.  It’s all about false witness up in this hizzy.

Also, self-deportation?  Really?

10:02pm – I could’ve sworn it was “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” not “Give me your educated, your wealthy, and to hell with the rest of you.”  The things you learn…

10:00pm – Reagan created jobs thanks to a stimulus from Congress.  Romney didn’t want one.  Not a fair comparison.

9:56pm – Ok, if you have to ask Obama to tell you what he’s done over the last four years, don’t vote.  You’re a citizen, you should’ve been reading the news the last four fucking years.  What’s more, Obama has accomplished a fair amount considering the Republican party has tried to fuck him raw at every turn.

Also, I’ve noticed that Romney’s Catholic priest on a playground smile while Obama is speaking has vanished.  Dude’s rattled.

9:52pm – Romney does NOT support choice with regards to contraceptives in healthcare!  He supports the Blunt amendment.  That lying sack of…

9:41pm – Romney:  “I hired women.  That fixes things across the country, right?”  No, Mitt.

Oh, we help women by helping everybody?  That wasn’t the question.  Also, he keeps saying he knows how to fix the economy, but doesn’t tell us how.  The dude’s rattled.

9:40pm – Romney, big smile after walking away from getting back-handed by the moderator.  Obama, good job staying on education.  Romney and Repubs can’t compete on education and they sure as shit can’t compete on women’s issues.

9:35pm – Romney talking about China again.  1.  He has owned a sweatshop there.  2.  Bain is moving jobs overseas to China.

I’m already moving toward tipsy.

9:31pm – Middle class will no longer have to pay taxes on mutual funds under Romney.  I’ll file that away under things as useful as a Republican in Planned Parenthood.

9:28pm – Romney’s plan absolutely, cannot reduce the tax burden on the middle class!  It’s mathematically impossible.  Obama needs to beat him over the head with that.  I hope he cites the six “studies” for Obama to thump him with.

Michaelyn is busy live-blogging and keeping all you drinkers current!  Pop over and say hi.  🙂

9:25pm – The same people who yelled at Biden for interrupting the moderator are surely cheering Romney for it.

Also, does Romney not realize that the rules of the debate were agreed upon beforehand?

9:23pm – Romney boasts, in vague terms, how he’s going to make us energy independent.  Then talks about how he’s going to import oil from Canada.  Ok…

9:20pm – Oil production is actually about consistent.  Federal permits are cut, but only because we’re not using them, and because production is up on private land.  Romney’s first specific he’s given instead of being vague and it was bullshit.  Obama is right to point out that fact.  Romney knows that fact and is ignoring it.

I want to see Obama tie Romney down with something like, “Should your facts be wrong, what are you willing to do?  Will you promise to administer and apology?”

Also, Romney asks a question and then keeps interrupting the answer.

Ok, here’s your drinking game.  Give it hell and get sloshed!

9:12pm – I’m sure all the Repubs who jumped on Biden for interrupting will be just as pissed as Romney for doing it.  Not really.

Drinking game incoming!

9:11pm – Michaelyn is working on a drinking game.  She’ll be live-blogging that.  I’m drinking for Romney, she’s drinking for Obama.  You crazy kids at home can play along.

I love seeing Obama coming out firing.  He’s going after Romney’s record which, to be kind, is shitty as all hell.  He’s also tying Romney’s policies to Bush.  w00t!

9:07pm – Good opening Obama!  Romney said he knew how to create jobs, but didn’t say how he’d do it.  Obama is giving details.  Looks like he showed up with more than a pulse.

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