And the award for most dihonest ad goes to…

The National Organization for Marriage!

I was doing some reading over at The Nation and saw this.

An ad asking "Should Obama force homosexual marriage on everyone?"

When did the President put that legislation forward?  Do I at least get to choose my husband when the Gaypocalypse comes down?  If so, I choose Dinesh D’Souza just so I can make his life miserable every day.  Plus, he’ll probably be understanding if I sleep with other people on the side.

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  • guest

    hahahah! does that mean I am forced to marry another woman instead of a man? WTF?

  • Kimberly

    Good choice, except you know that saying, “you’re sleeping with everyone that person has slept with?” He has slept with Ann Coulter. :/

    • Azkyroth


      • B-Lar

        Have you never heard that one? “You shouldnt have sex with anyone except your married partner because when you sleep with someone, you are basically sleeping with everyone they have ever slept with and also everyone who all those people have ever slept with which totally makes you a diseased slut-whore who no one will ever want to marry and have a perfect blissful wedded union under the watchful and gently moaning gaze of our precious lord and saviour”

        Okay. I embellished. Jesus doesnt moan. Gently or otherwise.

        • Drakk

          Not ever since he realized “My god, my god, why have you forsaken me” really kills the mood.

  • iknklast

    So when my husband and I have to get divorced to enter same sex marriages, will they let us all live together in the same house? We can marry another happily married couple, and they can keep their marriage while we keep ours, even though we’re officially married to the other people.

    These people are totally weird.

  • Baal

    Back during bush the lesser’s rule, my wife and I had a game of guess the next ‘horrible’. We stopped after we got too many right. I’m going to give it go here though, next up in the NOM/GOP ads, “Obama will use his second term to force everyone to become a socialist Kenyan Muslim.” (After we’re all gay married – which I might not mind so much if I get to also have my wife and we have some say in who the guy is).

    • tubi

      Remember, she also has to marry a girl. So….

  • UsingReason

    I call dibbs on Kirk Cameron. I also call dibbs on power top.