Candidate for Congress thinks slavery was a moral good.

Picture of Obama saying "You racist.An Alabama state senator (meaning he’s already been elected to one office) running for Congress, Charles Davidson, has written a speech arguing that slavery was a moral good for blacks.

An Alabama State Senator running for Congress has written a speech arguing that slavery was justified by the Bible and that it was good for blacks.

The lawmaker, Charles Davidson, a first-term Republican from Jasper, made the arguments in a speech he prepared for a Senate debate over his proposal to fly the Confederate battle flag atop the State Capitol. The measure was quickly tabled on Tuesday before Mr. Davidson could deliver the speech, so he passed out copies of it.

Mr. Davidson referred to Leviticus 25:44 — “You may acquire male and female slaves from the pagan nations that are around you” — and quoted I Timothy 6:1 as saying slaves should “regard their own masters as worthy of all honor.”

“The incidence of abuse, rape, broken homes and murder are 100 times greater, today, in the housing projects than they ever were on the slave plantations in the Old South,” he wrote. “The truth is that nowhere on the face of the earth, in all of time, were servants better treated or better loved than they were in the Old South by white, black, Hispanic and Indian slave owners.”

One can only wonder why they were so keen to be free if the conditions for slaves were so good.

Of course, Davidson doesn’t even acknowledge the option of working to make their lives as good as white people’s.  Slavery is apparently as good as their lot can hope for.

Gah, this was 12 years ago.  This is what I get for posting something I saw on twitter.

Here’s hoping he didn’t get elected.

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  • HumanisticJones

    I’m certain the abolitionist movement was just a Satanist plot by East-Coast, Left-Wing, Ivy League Elite Secular Humanists to undermine Real America’s greatness.

  • invivoMark

    Uh, weren’t ALL plantations “broken homes” for the slaves? Y’know, what with them being literally hunted down and ripped out of their actual homes in Africa before being tossed belowdeck on a transatlantic cruise which they may or may not survive….

    • Andrew Kohler

      And, let’s not forget how surviving members of kidnapped families were often split up at slave auctions. Family values!

  • Nick

    This was 16 years ago; hopefully he wasn’t elected.

  • Matt in Memphis

    JT – You were on the right track. There is a similar story going around right now, only it is from a Republican state legislator named John Hubbard from your neck of the woods. This time, the people of Jonesboro, Arkansas deserve our collective mock:

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  • Andrew Kohler

    I have found some more about this asshole. Please note that this is excerpted from a longer piece, to which the link is given at the top of the page, but be warned it leads to a crackpot page that seems to wish the Civil War had gone the other way.

    “To say that slaves were mistreated in the Old South is to say that the most Christian group of people in the entire world, the so-called “Bible Belt,” mistreated their servants and violated the commandments of Jesus their Lord.”
    In other words: Surely, Christians would not behave badly!!

    “In the Old South there were numerous laws that protected servants from abuse, just as there are laws today that protect wives or children from abuse.”
    Because wives and children are, like slaves, men’s property.

    His message is that only the Yankees mistreated slaves–it’s the Northerners who made the institution look bad!–and that slavery brought these heathens to Jesus! So that justifies everything! You get to make people into real humans AND benefit from free labor! And, it was much worse to be a slave in Africa than a slave in the USA, which is like saying it’s much worse to have a leg amputated above the knee than below the knee (only the latter statement is actually accurate, at least). And there were black dudes who owned slaves! (Which makes it better how, exactly?)

    No doubt some slave “masters” treated their slaves relatively decently while (many) others were cruel and sadistic. But as Matt Dillahunty has said, it doesn’t matter if these slaves were treated as well as any of the white members of the family (not impossible in the case of the antebellum south, just *extremely* anomalous and barely conceivable): to call another human being property is obscene. I do not recognize that a human being *can* be property, even a subhuman like this Charles Davidson.

    The best part: I found some on Google Books some book called Press Bias and Politics: How the Media Frame Controversial Issues by Jim A. Kuypers, in which he analyzes Davidson’s words sympathetically and, from what I can tell in the limited preview, says that the Big Bad Lame Stream Media hurt was mean to him. Awwwwwww.

    • Andrew Kohler

      P.S. And holy shit, this is from the longer version of his remarks:

      “People who are bitter and hateful about slavery are obviously bitter and hateful against God and His Word, because they reject what God says and embrace what mere humans say concerning slavery. This humanistic thinking is what the Abolitionists embraced, while Southerners and most Northerners embraced what God said in the Bible. Their argument was and is not with the South, or the United States, but rather is with God. These people have made themselves out to be greater than God Himself, for they add to God’s Word when they call something evil that God obviously allows. This is what the humanistic Abolitionists did, teaching the doctrines of men as if they were the doctrines of God.”

      We’re not bitter against God, as it’s silly to get angry at fictional persons/deities. We are, however, pretty pissed off at this “God’s Word” business, and yes, thanks very much, we ARE better than it. Too bad this doofus isn’t, too. (By the way, “teaching the doctrines of men as if they were the doctrines of God”–isn’t that a perfect description of religion?)

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