Donald Trump is an amusing political liability for Mitt Romney.

So Trump made his big announcement and it was…boring.

He offered to donate five million bucks to charity if Obama releases a his passport and college records.  It’s more of Trump’s ludicrous birther conspiracy.  There are a few supportive tweets, like this…

But Trump isn’t being charitable.  If he were being charitable, because he worries about the destitute, then he’d just donate the money.  He’s banking that Obama, who clearly cares about the destitute, cares enough to dance to Trump’s drum (by doing something he’s already done).  It’s about Trump, not charity, and he’s using the poor as bargaining chips.  That’s why people are calling Trump stupid, and it’s why he’s a horrible human being.

On the upside, Trump’s attention-seeking stunt had the happy effect of uniting conservatives and liberals under a common cause: denouncing a blowhard whose voice is regrettably amplified because having a stunted conscience is regrettably profitable.

“I will give $50 to the charity of Donald Trump’s choice if he stops trying to make this election about himself,” read a tweet from Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-Calif.) Twitter account. “Who’s with me?”

Joseph Weisenthal of Business Insider deadpanned that “Today’s Gallup poll will be completely useless, since it will have been entirely conducted before the Trump offer.”

“Trump’s video was cray. But seriously, I’ll donate $50 to the charity of Gov Romney’s choice if he releases all his tax returns (Crickets),” he tweeted.

White House senior adviser David Plouffe told reporters to direct questions about Trump’s announcement “to Boston because Donald Trump is Mitt Romney’s biggest supporter, so he owns everything he says,” POLITICO reported.

But the winner is Stephen Colbert who had a counter offer for Trump.

Jon Stewart also weighed in, giving both the Don and Sarah Palin more respect than they deserve.


And you know who’s cozy with the Trump, right?  Why, Mitt Romney.

Romney’s task is not then primarily to unify his base but rather to reach out to independents. And, polling suggests Trump won’t help in that regard. In a December 2011 Washington Post-ABC News poll, 41 percent of independents had a favorable opinion of Trump while 47 percent saw him in an unfavorable light. And in a January Post-Pew poll, more than a quarter of people (26 percent) said a Trump endorsement would make them less likely to support a candidate while just eight percent said it would make them more likely.

The best argument we have heard for Romney’s recent embrace of Trump is that when the Donald speaks, the media covers it. He has a microphone and so you’d rather have him in the fold than acting as a free radical. (That’s the classic “best of a bad situation” argument.)

Even still, it seems like too risky a gamble for Romney to associate with Trump. Regardless of whether Trump is allied with Romney or not, Trump’s first, second and third concern is and always will be what is good for him.

The defense will be that Romney would never really like an insufferable nutjob like Trump.  But isn’t it a little depressing when, in order to cast someone in a good light, you have to say that they’re willing to fake friendship for money?

Kinda makes you wonder if they’d fake concern for the 47% for it.

A cartoon where Trump has taken away all the letters in a Mitt Romney banner aside from "ME".

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