Donate to Greta Christina, you know you wanna.

Christina here…





I once had the pleasure of driving Greta and Ingrid from St. Louis to Springfield for Skepticon.  I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her speak many times, and she once (unknowingly) helped my friend from the brink of suicide with her writing.

She’s recently been diagnosed with cancer, so fuck cancer.

If I could not worry about money for the weeks while I’m recovering, it would take a big, big load off my mind. So I’m swallowing my pride, and am doing a fundraiser/ pledge drive. I’d hoped not to do any more of these after my book came out, but these are extraordinary circumstances, and I am sucking it up.

I’ve donated $100 to her, and so has JT and lots of other folks, so please do what you can.

-Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.

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  • Makoto

    (Seriously trying to make this a thing) – next three responses to this comment mean another $50 each to fighting cancer. Same person three times, three different people, me three times, whatever.

    • Makoto

      me me me. Donated!

    • Drakk

      You mean it’s like forwarding chain emails but it actually works?

    • Katybe

      Makoto, you’re amazing. I was touched when I saw you do it once – I’m definitely giving more on Payday.

  • EcksLibris

    Subscribing and buying her book! Thank you for your continued generosity Makoto!