Godless NFL thread.

Holy crap.  Second week in a row I sucked it up with my picks.

The player to watch this week is Andrew Luck.  Emotions are high in Indianapolis and the Jets secondary is broken.  I think he’ll have a big day.

The upset pick for this week follows my PtW pick: I think the Colts keep the dream alive and beat the Jets by a field goal!

Not only did Luck underperform, the Colts got sent back to Indy in a sling.  Ugh.  I also said…

RG3 is going to suit up with a concussion.  Good decision or bad decision?  I’m going with bad decision.  I think he’ll have an abysmal game.

Missed that one like Tebow misses receivers too.  Griffin had 182 yards and 1 TD through the air and another 138 yards and 2 TD on the ground in a gutsy performance.  He’s now on my shit list because the Redskins beat Chris Kluwe’s Vikings.

That leaves me at 2-3 on the season with both P2W and upset picks.  *grumble*

Onward and upward to this week.

Player to Watch: Fuck if I know!  I’ve got ESPN.com up…let me just close my eyes…extend my finger…and…

Randy Moss?  No.  Absolutely not.  Player to watch this week is Darren McFadden against Jacksonville.  Carson Palmer was hot last week, and the Jags will be focused on Oakland’s passing game.  Given that both teams are, shall we say, not good, Palmer shouldn’t have to try and pass Oakland out of a hole, which means plenty of opportunities for McFadden.

Upset pick: RG3 is on my shit list, but I can’t deny that he was a beast last week.  I think he plays well and the Redskins beat the favored Giants.

Topic for conversation:  Who wins the Superbowl?

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