Guest post: We Are Atheism.

Below is a guest post from Adam Brown of  I recorded a video for them a while back and I firmly support their project.  Here’s mine:

And here’s Adam’s post:

“Dear Fellow Atheists,

We live in a day and age when religion still has a firm grasp on the way we all live our lives.  Research and experience have now shown us that the best way to change this is for people like you and I to stand up, speak out, & be counted. If you haven’t heard of, you should. It was started a year ago by Amanda Brown (the Secular Student Alliance’s 2012 “Best Individual Activist” Award Winner) and upcoming speaker at the 2013 50th Anniversary American Atheists’ National Convention in Austin, TX. We Are Atheism has been able to allow hundreds of people to share their stories and say in their own words “Why it’s Ok to be an atheist. We are partnered with the Richard Dawkins Foundation, American Humanists, and Atheist Nexus, but we receive no financial support from them. Richard Dawkins is making us a video soon as well as some other prominent atheists, to help get us the support we desperately need. We are about to grow, but can’t do it on our own.

If you believe in our cause, please keep reading…

Now its time for “Step 2″.  We are getting ready to launch a Spanish site in South America and reach more by attending conferences across the United States and around the World.  But unfortunately, we cannot afford to this on one salary (while taking care of a wife and 4 year old).  We need the help of men and women that believe in the cause of fighting for a secular society, a place where all people can feel safe without religion telling them how to live their lives.  We are asking you to consider a donation to our campaign.  These funds will be used for:

  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Booth Space at Conferences
  • Travel
  • Marketing Material
  • Technological Improvements
  • “Portable” Closets for Atheists to share their stories
  • 501(c)3 Status/legal fees

With your donations we will be able to achieve our not-for-profit status allowing you to write off your donations as a tax deductible expense. We will be able to go to numerous conferences in regions that have yet to hear about us and get stories on YouTube of atheists crying out to be heard. We will give them a platform to say what needs to be said and to provide encouragement to those who have not yet said it.

Give Thoughtfully. Give Generously. Give knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of fellow non-believers. We Thank You for your support and generosity. Choose from the two options below…

MONTHLY DONATION – Select from Drop-Down Box Below: (from $5.00 to $100.00 to help us keep this campaign going)


ONE TIME DONATION (any amount you can afford to give)

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