Pastor tells it like it is!

Christina here…

You really need to watch this video of a pastor from the Brentwood Christian Church in Missouri (my state, woo!) giving a bible-thumping speech about gay rights.


Watch it to the end.

This guy was born and raised in Springfield, MO, home of Skepticon. Can somebody invite him to Skepticon? Or maybe we could go thank him for being AWESOME while we’re hanging around in Springfield.



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  • Nothing

    That was awesome, actually. Thanx!

  • Andrew B.

    Woo! A surprise twist! Faaaaaaaabulous!

  • Matt

    oh man, for a second I had no idea what was going on.

    I appreciate you finding this, hahaha.

  • Glodson

    Just reflecting, but maybe if more pastors where like this, I wouldn’t be as harsh when it came to religion.

  • Zed

    well played sir, well played

  • Jaime Wise

    Fantastic. I don’t see how anyone could (reasonably) argue with that.