I’m definitely not hungover, if that’s what you’re thinking.

The talk went well last night.  There were plenty of Christians in the audience and they were vocal during the Q&A.  Lots of attempts to convince me that god sending his son to die showed that he loved me instead of showing how god undervalued his son.  Those were fun.

Anyway, to I set off for Kansas City and the American Atheists RAM where I’ll be running an activism workshop with Dr. Dave and Hemant Mehta.  I’ll also be moderating the gay marriage debate, which will feature one of my heroes: John Corvino.

Today is going to be another light blogging day.  I imagine I’ll mostly be posting articles I found interesting or griping about how Obama got his ass handed to him in last night’s dueling infomercials that was mislabeled as a debate.

The first article for today made me happier than a hog in slop.  It’s Dan Fincke going after another Patheos blogger, Bad Catholic.  Dan pretty much pops his rage cherry and I couldn’t be more proud.  Delight in our resident philosophy king discovering the sweet joys of justified anger.  :)

Marc at Bad Catholic thinks that since atheists seem to only dwell on the ways that Christianity involves a failure of the intellect or the persecution of gays, we must not really grasp the actual reasons someone would be a Christian. So he is going to explain what Christianity is really about. Because, you know, if there is one thing we atheists need, it’s for a Christian to finally come along and explain to us what Christianity is really about.

Yessssssss.  Let the snark flow through you.

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