In Rolla, and I’m all out of gum…

Poster for the event.I’m in Rolla, Missouri safe and sound!  Tonight I will attend (and live blog) Frank Turek’s lecture along with the Missouri S&T Secular Student Alliance.  Frank Turek is the author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, one of the most effectively vomit-inducing collection of lies and bad arguments in existence.  I’m sure there will be galavanting afterward.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving my talk that will rebut Turek’s.  The facebook event with all the delicious details is here.  It’s free to get in, starts at 6pm, and will take place in the St. Pat’s ballroom.  :)

  • Art Vandelay

    That’s be cool if they would have just let you debate him. Hitchens debated Turek once. Needless to say…it was ugly.

    • Derek

      I saw that debate. I thought Chris gave a rather poor showing all things considered. Turek asked pointed questions that Hitch never really answered. Hitch gave a lot of good reasons to not be religious, or to not believe in god, but I felt he could have addressed the specific questions better, which arguably would have had a better chance to sink into the audience members originally on Turek’s side.