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I’m in the market for some new binders, (cause magic cards don’t sort themselves you know), and I looked up my options on Amazon.

The reviews are golden.




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This is why we dont let JT use technology
Also, Lizard people.
Is this a thing now?
Video of debate with Bill Victor.
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  • iknklast

    My day is now officially made…I can go back to bed happy.

  • Zed

    The comments on that amazon page are amazing, ex:

    1,905 of 1,938 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars Changing my tune October 18, 2012
    By Kefsmom
    Color Name:White
    I was originally going to rate this only 1 star. You see, I’m a big girl and I can only squeeze about 53% of myself into this binder. But then I decided that I’m not going to worry about the other 47%.

  • Brad

    …I don’t get it.