In vitro? Can’t. Rape? Must.

Jon Stewart nails the entire Republican party on the rape comments.

  • Brea Plum

    The video plays, but dimmed and obscured by a “content unavailable” banner.

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  • RuQu

    I saw it live. By memory, the gist of it is that some of the “personhood” bills, such as the one co-sponsored by Ryan, would define the start of human life such that in-vitro fertilization would be illegal. Combine that with the official Republican Party platform adopted in Tampa, the “forcible” rape wording changes championed by Ryan and Akin, and the rise of “no rape exception” into the mainstream of the party and you are left with a situation where women who want to have a baby via in-vitro fertilization cannot, and those who get raped and don’t want to keep it have to.

    In-vitro: Can’t.
    Raped: Must.