Jerry DeWitt: he’s still got it.

Jerry DeWitt is perhaps the kindest new face in the atheist movement.  He’ll be at Skepticon this year (not as a speaker, just hanging out).  I strongly urge you to track him down and spend a few minutes with him.  He’s amazing.

He and I got to hang out at Reason in the Rock, which was an overwhelming success, this last weekend.  I was fortunate enough to get to see this in person.

I also got to meet Seth Andrews, the Thinking Atheist.  I could marry that man’s voice.  He was also an absolute pleasure to meet.  If you are an organizer looking to bring a speaker, I cannot recommend these two more highly.  They’re both phenomenal and they are both phenomenally good people.

  • Lee Harrison

    That was brilliant – the rhythm, the cadence AND the message.

  • Richard Seese

    He is electrifying, when you are in the same room as him… I’m glad he will at least be at Skepticon this year… AGAIN, Sorry Lauren and JT for putting you on the spot, with my question at Reason in the Rock about him!! :P