Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly open thread.

Poster for the event.In just two hours, the big debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly will kick off.  You can stream it online for $5 and it goes to charity.  I suspect it will be both more amusing and more informative than the first presidential debate.  YAY America!

I’m still kicking it down here at the American Atheists KC RAM, but I’ll likely have my laptop up streaming it.  I’ll try to find my way into the comments every now and again.

But if you guys want to have an open thread to discuss things throughout the debate, here ya go.  :)

  • Gordon

    No comments at all? But Bill O’Reilly promised me the internet would be full of comments!
    I thought this was a great format for the debate. The back and forth gave each of them good opportunities to put their views across.

  • RuQu

    I was consistently disappointed by O’Reilly in this debate.

    I realize that he is not a professional comedian, but he could do better than falling back on cheap pot shots.

    I have no idea why he insisted on repeatedly bringing up, and disparaging, Sandra Fluke. It wasn’t related to anything else he was saying, and he did it repeatedly. I’m assuming it scores him points with his viewers, but it’s completely amoral behavior. If I thought he knew what shame felt like I’d say he should feel some, but I’m assuming anyone who plays so fast and loose with the facts in a program that informs voters opinions probably forgot that emotion years ago.