Let the fun begin.

Frank Turek is going.  He’s already said if we’re just molecules that there’s no purpose to life.  *sigh*  Let the live-blogging fun begin!


“Four questions, if you answer yes, then beyond a reasonable doubt that god exists.”

  1. Does truth exist?
  2. Does god exist?
  3.  Are miracles possible?
  4. Is the NT True?

If those questions are what lead to the conclusion of god’s existence, why is #2 on there?  *boggle*

Turek: “If there is no truth, then atheist books can’t be true either.”  Then why make the argument?  It seems we’re in agreement.

Sorry the live-blogging is slow, Turek is hacking through a forest of strawmen. As soon as we get into the meat, there will be more.

Turek just said that faith is not a good argument.  So…are we good to leave?

Here we go.  “Darwinists rule out the possibility of intelligent design without looking at the data.”

Turek:  “In response to the idea that we should doubt everything, ask if we should doubt that.”  Yes, you should.  And when it survives the evidence you should provincially accept it.

His three arguments:

1. Cosmological Argument

2.  Teleological Argument

3.  Moral Argument

So bad it’s making a baby cry.

He’s using the second law of thermodynamics argument at a science and technology school.  That takes balls.  Or credulity.

Oh, and there’s the argument from fine-tuning slipped in.

There’s Paley’s watchmaker argument.

“Saying that DNA requires a designer is not god of the gaps reasoning because there’s a message present.”  Yes, the message is, this is what mindless forces can accomplish.  If god exists, the message is “Holy shit am I incompetent.”

“God’s unchanging moral nature.” “God’s nature is the standard of morality.”

If there is no objective morality…

1. The Nazis were not wrong. (Strawman: whatever the majority says is morally right)
2. Love is no better than rape.
3. Freedom is no better than slavery.
4. Religious crusades are wrong.

5. Tolerance is no better than intolerance.
6. Can’t complain about the problem of evil.

“Mormonism and polytheism are non-theistic.”  I shit you not.

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