Los Links 10/17

Since I’m back in the saddle with writing and researching full-time for a week, I’ve found I have more material than I can blog about.  The extra goes on twitter.  However, I realize that not everybody has twitter so I think I’ll do a daily post where I just throw out those links.  :)

I will call these entries “Los Links” in honor of one of my favorite bloggers, the underrated Dana Hunter over at Freethoughtblogs.  She used to do a weekly “Los Links” and it was one of my weekly goals to write something good enough to make the list.  :)


Glenn Beck jeans only $130 a pair! You’ll pay it because you’re a patriot and because they’re straight cut, like Jesus http://huff.to/P4GDUh

The wealthy supporting Romney, but betting on Obama. http://econ.st/Xk1yT6

Paul Ryan’s workout plan for America. http://bit.ly/Xk1jaQ

@jteberhard Pls RT & help us speak out against Irish transphobic @Meteor_Mobile phone ad #meteorshame – more info: http://www.gaelick.com/2012/10/meteoric-mistake/29008/?doing_wp_cron#.UH09D6qcvKM.twitter …

Ugh, the comments I have to put up with. You think this is bad, you should see my inbox. http://bit.ly/TtDnxj

Memo to the Winner of the Election: Good Luck—You’ll Need It http://on.wsj.com/PsxpBd  via @WSJ

Wondering who owns your politicians? Now you can know! :) http://bit.ly/V2z6I5

Gamers love Joe Biden. Mah people. #BadassLikeBiden http://huff.to/V4BNDp

Romney’s latest swing thanks to support from women. w00t people voting against their interests. Shoot me now. http://usat.ly/Rv6jFx

Romney finally releases the details of his tax plan! http://bit.ly/PzLi0o

Ever wonder why other countries laugh at us? Reason #16918762198461: healthcare. http://twitpic.com/3xkee8/full