Los Links 10/18.

A picture of Rainbow Randolph from Death to Smoochy.Here are all the juicy extras from twitter yesterday that didn’t make it onto the blog – this time with an irrelevant, but nostalgic picture of a character that was on my mind.

Hey @MittRomney, I got u dis. http://bit.ly/Tvnera

These are the lights Dinesh D’Souza had installed in his house. http://bit.ly/RGdmyB

This is why you’re really shorting yourself if you don’t read @Crommunist. http://bit.ly/TcOnET

A good visual depiction of wealth disparity. http://lcurve.org

Mitt Romney style. http://bit.ly/Wfw8wJ

Documentary reveals what the Catholic church knew about child rape. It’s more than you think. http://bit.ly/O48Bcs

Four craziest things politicians-trying-to-be-scientists have ever said (can we get some scientists in Congress?): http://bit.ly/WushwQ

See how the swing states have moved over time, all the way back to Eisenhower. Did you know CA was once a swing state? http://nyti.ms/TW3vpX

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  • RuQu

    I consider not having to listen to a pompous asshole plenty of compensation for anything I might miss out on by Crommunist.

    • invivoMark

      Hey, I LIKE Crommie!

      Besides, if you’re gonna wantonly toss about insults, at least come up with something better than “pompous asshole”. That could refer to anyone, because it doesn’t describe anything beyond the fact that the insulter just doesn’t like the insultee.

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/crommunist Crommunist

      Aww, you’re mean!

  • Nate Frein

    Sigh. I started to watch Mitt Romney style. I had to stop. Or I’d have been laughing my ass off in the middle of class. So I closed the tab and next thing I see is the Catholic link.

    Mood killed.