Los Links 10/19.

Here’s yesterday’s bonus twitter fodder.

The math on @MittRomney‘s 12 million jobs claim. http://wapo.st/RBayCS

.@MittRomney getting tough on China by…sending jobs there. http://bit.ly/PaJIlZ

A collection of amusing and informative pro-Obama essays. http://bit.ly/N5Pl3s

D’Souza Mistress Opposes Women’s Suffrage http://dlvr.it/2LKmrR

Economic recovery not as sluggish as @MittRomney says. http://bit.ly/TwmceJ

Morons have opinions…and they vote. http://bit.ly/R9Ep32

Ashley Miller on DOMA getting struck down…again. http://bit.ly/R3Gg8Y

Romney’s bullshit line about gas prices debunked. http://bit.ly/R3yfkt

East Aurora School Board Now Wants to Rescind Transgender Policy http://bit.ly/WF3FSg

Economists think Obama’s economics plan is better. http://econ.st/Qsb7MK

Looking back through history, tax cuts do not stimulate the economy. http://bit.ly/REAJoR

Metrics on the election give the edge to Obama. http://bit.ly/READxE

New Study Explores Anti-Atheist Discrimination http://bit.ly/VeznI2

IQ vs. Religiosity http://fb.me/1VzVQt9cK

.@MittRomney‘s five nuttiest moments at the debate. http://bit.ly/Qshlwp

  • Baal

    “Looking back through history, tax cuts do not stimulate the economy” QFT
    Economy is money moving around. Tax cuts make bigger money pools for the rich / large institutions. Those folks have resouces already…that’s not the limit on the econ working. Middle class becoming poor can’t buy stuff. That’s the problem.

  • invivoMark

    Am I the only one who is bothered by these blind twittified links? I’d prefer to see where I was going before I go there….

  • RuQu

    The IQ link seems to have some substantial bias issues, with no mention of correcting for them.

    The top ranking IQs are all from highly developed nations, Europe and Japan and the US.
    The lower IQs are all from poor and undeveloped nations.

    No mention is made for correcting for any educational or socio-economic factors, or cultural differences that might relate to how problems are approached in different nations.

    A far more obvious conclusion is that developed and highly educated nations are less religious, and that highly educated countries from the culture a test is designed in score higher on said test.

    There are enough valid reasons to criticize religion. We don’t need to make things up when facts are on our side.

    • MeesterMike

      I agree completely. I was really disappointed to see that graph posted for those same reasons.