Los Links 10/20.

Here’s all my twitter extras from yesterday.

Even when no human remains who will stoop to support your prejudice, you can always claim the endorsement of god.

Cosmic golf with @everlyevie. :) <3 pic.twitter.com/x7Bz9FZC

This is totally something I would’ve done in college. http://bit.ly/VdtAgn

“One shouldn’t attribute malice where incompetence would suffice.” ~ Napoleon

Cthulu pulling a Paul Ryan. http://bit.ly/RO7kfl

It shouldn’t be news when someone speaks out FOR equality – it should be news when someone speaks out AGAINST equality. http://bit.ly/RO61Nf

Ann Romney: Mitt ‘absolutely’ done with politics if he loses election. #MoreReasonToVote http://bit.ly/RI8ZQv

Blue states subsidize red states. But let’s listen to their candidates on the economy… http://slate.me/RO1Dhp

.@MittRomney and his friends took tons of money in the bailout that they hated. http://bit.ly/OLb9RW

Mormon feminists exist…and they’re for Obama. What is this strange world? http://yhoo.it/RNRXTX

I agree with a lot of this. http://bit.ly/RyP5GY

On bigots becoming the minority.
London pro-equality bus ad scores points for brevity.
Huckabee says SCOTUS can't overrule god on same-sex marriage.
Texas bill would require fetuses with birth defects to be carried to term.
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  • http://researchtobedone.wordpress.com ResearchToBeDone

    On liberal bullying: I wish they had linked to some examples. I don’t necessarily disagree, but it’s a difficult thing to judge without having some in-context examples to look at.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/wwjtd JT Eberhard


    • Ibis3

      My thoughts on that one: sure, there are social justice extremists and those who are otherwise mainstream progressives who have a particular twist in their undies about this word or that, but I think we have to accept those fringe players if we’re going to push society forward. They are far less of a problem than those who want to drag us back into an oppressive wasteland.

      I also question whether brushing them off as performance artists rather than people who sincerely believe what they’re saying, is valid. I would suspect that making critiques in public rather than via private email isn’t mostly about looking righteous but about an intent to raise consciousness. You’re not going to do much of that if you send an email asking for a private conversation about why “cunt” really is a sexist slur or “gypsy” is a word best avoided, so why would the tactics change when other terms are being questioned?

      And I agree with you, ResearchToBeDone, without examples, how can we determine if there’s really bullying going on? From the article, it seems they’re applying the term to anyone that has a firm opinion about a term or issue that the author doesn’t agree with. Sorry. Hounding someone, emailing them repeatedly, threatening them, rejoicing in public over bad things that happen to them, putting them down with dehumanising language…that’s bullying. Trying to persuade someone to change their mind? *Not bullying.*

      • http://researchtobedone.wordpress.com ResearchToBeDone

        I agree. It’s a tough issue all around, because certainly being involved in social justice circles doesn’t preclude being a dick, but also the kinds of things that post is saying are not that dissimilar from the kinds of things you hear as, “Shut up, that’s why!” type arguments from people who don’t understand the need for some types of social justice. Further compounding the issue, there’s the problematic combination of high inferential distance and incredibly emotional issues in general (hope you don’t mind my self-linking, JT). It’s not always easy to tell who “just doesn’t get it” and who’s being a dick, because if you don’t get why people are really pissed at you and they’re really pissed at you, you often tend to get pissed right back, which can lead to looking like a dick. On the flipside, same problem: it can be very hard to tell who’s genuinely trying to engage because they feel strongly about an issue and who’s just aping the language of people who want to engage as a way of bludgeoning other people into submission. I feel like I tend to see the former more than the latter, and I tend to make assumptions accordingly, but my experience my not be representative of the experience of those who wrote the post. Hence, EXAMPLES!

        Phew, I’m being wordy today.