Maddow slamming the political right on denying reality.

Jesus Fucking Fictional Christ on rollerskates, I am going to marry this brilliant lesbian.

I have one disagreement with Maddow in this clip.  She said “The Worldnet Daily’s website kind of sucks now.”  C’mon Rachel, that site always sucked.

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  • Nick Johnson / Remijdio

    Conspiracy theories are a lot less funny when they’re not even remotely plausible. That’s why the show Ancient Aliens is more entertaining than anything Jim Marrs is a part of. The ancient alien stuff actually *seems* plausible while Jim Marrs bares a striking resemblance to those forwards your crazy uncle sends you (i know, i stole that from Maddow).

  • Aratina Cage

    Smokin! Candy Crowley isn’t being much of a help either. At three different post-debate appearances now she has taken the same position as Politifact: Even though we all heard the president call it an act of terror and then refer to it AGAIN as an act not more than a minute later, he MAY have been referring in total to other events and not this one, so you Repubs can rest soundly in your fantasy realm.

  • Baal

    The last 30 seconds or so were total awesome (earned) righteous indignation. She usually tries to take things light but that was full on (all the way across the sky!). The whole thing is worth the watching and provides the context.

  • Christina M

    You will have to fight me for her, J.T.! (and her girlfriend will put up a bit of a fight too, I presume) ;)

  • Matt Prorok

    I think this is the time to quote John Adams: “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

  • Daniel Schealler

    Please proceed.

    Please proceed, governor.


    • John

      That was absolute gold, yes. “Yes please, Governor Romney, don’t let me stop you from hurling yourself off a cliff. Allow me to hold your coat.”

      • RuQu

        I read that as “Allow me to hold your cat.”

        It added nicely to the image. Made Romney look like Dr. Evil, with Obama kindly sparing the cat the fall its master was about to take.

    • Highlander

      Can I give you a bit more rope? Oops, you hung yourself. Oh Noes!

  • Mare Lacrimarum

    There should have been a mic drop after that last 30 seconds.