Mitt Romney and Big Bird.

We’ve all seen the Obama ad about Romney and Big Bird.

Romney’s reaction made me do a double take.

Ok.  I have three things to say about this.

1.  The President is talking about Big Bird (and really, PBS) because Romney was talking about it. 

Does Romney think all those clips of him mentioning Big Bird in the first ad were computer-generated or something?  In the Presidential debate, Romney said he would cut the subsidy to PBS.  I think Neil DeGrasse Tyson nailed that one:

Cutting PBS support (0.12% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive

And he’s right.

2.  Education is important.

PBS brings education into areas that might not have a very good educational system, and it accomplishes it for a pittance (see Tyson’s tweet).  PBS (which includes Sesame Street and other educational programming) helps prepare kids for kindergarten and beyond.  Recouping that pittance won’t make a dent in the Federal Budget, but it will make a huge difference in the lives of the next generation, especially those from low-income areas.  If Romney wants to remake himself (again) as the moderate who suddenly realized that all Americans need to be cared for, then this is a shitty way to do it.  This seems to be an extension of Romney’s general disdain for “the 47%” and the Republicans general disdain for education, both of which balkanize us as a nation.  If you’re going to cut from educational programs rather than increasing tax on the wealthy by just a hair, your priorities suck.

3.  Fuck Mitt Romney.

And fuck the crowd of suckers that cheered for Romney when he wondered aloud why the President was talking about Big Bird, as if he had never done so.

So Mitt has figured out how to lie with charisma and with a smile reminiscent of the most salacious Catholic priest.

The dude favors the rich and always has.  He thinks corporations are people, perhaps more so than the poor (or the foreign).  He gripes about losing jobs overseas and of the USA borrowing money from China when he owns a sweatshop there.  He has always shown that he’ll morph to become whatever is most politically expedient, and he represents a party that thinks global warming is a hoax, that gay people don’t deserve equal rights, that we must invade Iran, and that Medicare must go.  And that’s the short list.  The guy is dishonest even by politician’s standards.

Of course, Obama has bent and stretched the truth as well.  I’m pissed at both of them.  But the biggest difference for me is that Barack Obama, for all his faults, undoubtedly cares about every American from rich to poor.  He supports education and always has, and he doesn’t want to leave anybody behind.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to have a soul, and when an atheist rags on you for not having a soul that’s saying something.

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