My comment policy…

Do not fear for I am with you, do not be afraid for I am your god; I will strengthen you, I will help you. ~ Isaiah 41:10…is very simple.  Regardless of what side you’re on, if all you do is toss insults around then you’re lucky if I’m feeling lazy and ban you outright.  If I’m feeling feisty, as I usually am, I edit your comment for my own amusement.

Behold, a comment from a tremendously unpleasant fellow named “observer.”  It begins…

You can delete this, but note it’s screencapped.

Oh no!  My fan base may abandon me in a mass exodus if they find that I’ve deleted a comment from a winner like this guy (who apparently thinks the height of wit is misspelling the names of people he doesn’t like…by that standard, I was producing comic gold in kindergarten.  I rule!).

He continues (with some help from me)…

You have been guilty of previous abuse deleting comments [and editing for your own lulz, I mustn’t forget that] on fabricated grounds that had nothing to do with reality.
Your selective screencap of Vacula’s tweet is a gem – imagine if this comment was directed at a male? You would look pretty stupid. Herein lies the *real* sexism of [gentlemen] like you – you consider [women] like [Jen McCreight] to be fragile petals that *need* to be defended by white knights like you [because clearly a man can’t think somebody’s a lousy human being without also defending a woman]. Were I a female, I would spit in your [handsome, manly] face. I don’t know any women that don’t find your righteous posturing vile [except, of course, for your girlfriend and all the women who read your blog, and they are legion]. For that I am grateful.

[Also, I’m going to attempt to secure the moral high ground, from which I will lecture you, by calling a recovering anorexic “pudgy.” Clearly I am a model of compassion and you should therefore take my opinion on moral matters, including my positive assessment of Justin Vacula, very seriously.]

[I helped your comment look like it shouldn’t have been written in crayon. You’re welcome. ~JT]

The edited parts, of course, were just insult-happy rage (such as referring to my face as “pudgy”), presumably at the revelation that being a bad person makes other people not like/trust you.  This version of observer’s comment is a lot better, I think.

The part that really stuck out to me was the “imagine if Vacula’s tweet had been directed at a male” line.  My initial thought was “it still would’ve been a dick move.”  I don’t see how the gender of the target changes the fact that his comment was made maliciously (a fact he later lied about, and on which he got called out).

Ironically, I’ve banned more atheists than believers from my blog (I think 3 atheists and 2 believers now).  You can criticize others here.  You can even get away with the occasional insult.  But if you’re derailing threads or just being an overwhelming ass, then you get banned or edited.  There is no tribunal for this process, there is only me.  On this blog, I am god.

There was even something resembling an argument in observer’s comment (the part about white knighting…it wasn’t a good argument, but it was at least an attempt).  So he gets to hang around, probably until his next tantrum.  However, the particularly ugly parts will get dolled up for the amusement of the other readers here.  🙂

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