Open thread.

I’m sitting in the Little Rock airport after a fantastic event!  The short of it was that I got to reunite with my old friend, Lauren Lane, I got to hang out with old friends like Jerry DeWitt, I got to meet The Thinking Atheist, and I got to hear Aron Ra speak for the first time.  It was a great time for which the organizers deserve several internets worth of credit.  The conference ran smoothly.

Anyway, I’m super tired and my first flight is delayed, which puts me into Columbus at 9:30pm, three hours after I was supposed to arrive.  After getting in late, I’m waking up tomorrow and heading up to Akron to talk about Skepticon.  I’m…going to sit here and play Hydro Thunder and not write or read the news.

So all you readers get an open thread to talk about whatever you want the rest of the day (which can include football).  I’ll check in every now and again.

*big hugs*

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