PBS documentary on religion to feature Akron Secular Student Alliance.

Big congrats to the SSA at Akron!  PBS is making a documentary about the recent Pew poll in which the “nones” were finally up over 30% of the population.  Because Ohio is a swing state politically, a lot of the focus will be here and will include a segment about the Akron secular group.

The 10-minute second part will look closely at people in Akron, including interviews with University of Akron politics expert John Green, Stow resident Monette Richards and religiously unaffiliated students from the university’s Secular Student Alliance and the College Republicans. (Those students include Brad Phlipot, Matthew Moneypenny, Brian Crisan, Bryan Poole and Nick Castro.)

I’ll be up there to give a talk to their group next week and will reward them with copious hugs.

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