Reason in the Rock 2012.

LogoIn a few weeks I’ll be appearing in Little Rock, Arkansas for Reason in the Rock.  The lineup is to die for: Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist), Jerry DeWitt, Teresa MacBain, Lauren Lane (co-founder of Skepticon), Aron Ra, and others.  The lineup is enough to get me excited about this one, but I’m also excited because I’m from Arkansas, and if there was ever a place that needed a bunch of loud, unapologetic atheists, this is it.

It’s one of the growing number of conferences using the free conference model, which has the happy effect of uniting the movement by making access to its leader available to everybody, rather than those who can afford hundreds of dollars to get into a conference.  However, they also have the unhappy effect of requiring a lot of work and fundraising (trust me on this).  If you have some bucks to spend (every little bit helps), throw it in the pot.

And, if you’re in the area on October 27th, swing by the Central Arkansas Library (100 Rock St.) and say hi.  🙂

Register for the event here and scope out the facebook page here.

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