They should know.

Here’s a video of Republicans explaining why you shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney.

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  • trucreep

    Isn’t this kind of like the GOP using clips of Hillary Clinton saying shit about Obama?

    • advent-gred

      hey neat, do you have a link to share?

    • Azkyroth

      Depends. Was the said shit true?

    • baal

      “kind of?” well yes, kind of.
      Hillary was running against Obama at the time and party insiders in DC were very frustrated that she had to deal with Obama’s polling.

      The clip in the OP is a whose who of republican insiders (not 1 person) and only some of the clips are of his primary opponents in the primary. the rest of the dem field in 2008 didn’t jump on board Hillary’s comments and the media stayed out mostly too.

  • John Horstman

    Oh noes, I agree with Newt Gingrich on something: Mitt Romney is a liar!