Third debate open thread.

Unless there’s some pretty spectacular WiFi on the plane home, I’m going to miss this debate.  I’m so hacked off about it.  Mitt Romney is an absolute rube when it comes to foreign policy.  The guy can hardly leave the United States without blundering into an insult of our allies.  Obama, for what failings he has, has actually been pretty spectacular in that arena.  The deck is totally stacked in favor of the guy I’m voting for.  If he shows up with a pulse, it should be a bloodbath.

I trust you guys to fact-check like mad in my absence.  When I touch down at 9:45pm EDT, I will check this thread to see what’s going on.

If you’re on twitter, you owe it to yourselves to follow Amanda Knief and Amanda Marcotte as they live-tweet the debate.  Both are phenomenal (my plane is boarding, so no links to their twitters, use google).

Cheer loud everybody!

(And if you all can spread this around to facebook/twitter to help get the word out about the open thread, I’d appreciate it since I likely won’t be able to)


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  • Gayle Jordan

    Blue leader, checking in.

  • Nox

    Attacking Romney for past inconsistency is a poor use of time right now.

    Go after what he’s saying tonight dumbass.

  • RuQu

    I’m watching this on a delay. He just said Syria is “Iran’s only ally in the region, and their route to the sea.”

    To get from Iran to Syria, you have to pass through Iraq or Turkey. They don’t share a border.

    To get from Iran to the sea….you just have to go to their massive coast in the Persian Gulf or Indian Ocean.

    Here’s a hint Romney. “Persian Gulf” refers to Persia, otherwise known as….Iran.

    This man has no grasp of the geography of the region, yet we are supposed to assume he understands the history, culture, and modern policy considerations?

  • http://- GD

    RuQu: I’m completely stealing what you just posted, straight plagiarizing it onto my FB status. Thank you. :)

    • RuQu

      You can have it. Though I should clarify that the other coast is actually the Gulf of Oman in the Arabian Sea, and not the Indian Ocean. Mia culpa.

  • Rich Stage

    “This isn’t a game of Battleship”

    Oh, snap

  • Rich Stage

    Obama said that we have to “pull out responsibly”.

    I think he’s lost the ‘values’ voters.

    • http://- GD

      Abstinence only, yo. None of this ‘pulling out’ BS.

  • John Eberhard

    Barack made bar-be-que Mittens.

  • Amyc

    Two favorite moments:
    1) When Obama told Romney that we also don’t have many horses or bayonets in our military (in regards to Romney’s accusation about having a small navy), and how he went on the explain the importance of aircraft carriers in today’s military.
    2) When the moderator said,”Now, we all love teachers…” in order to get to the next question. Not sure why, I just laughed really hard at that.

  • Carina

    Oh yes – I loved the comment on bayonets!!! Hahahaha brilliant.

  • DrVanNostrand

    Attacking Romney’s constantly shifting foreign policy positions is not a waste of time. You can’t have a meaningful debate with someone that’s so dishonest and a president has to make plans and follow through with them. They can’t switch directions on a whim like Romney has been doing.

    • Amyc

      I agree. I thought it was great that he kept hammering Romney on switching positions. Which Romney was he supposed to be debating tonight?

  • Jasper

    Alright. Now that the democratic ticket has won 3/4 of the debates, could we just have the election now? Majorly suffering from elections fatigue.

  • RuQu

    In response to Romney on how small our Navy is, I give you Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Presumably he knows a thing or two about the state of our military. A context clarification is added by me in [brackets].

    “In terms of size and striking power, no other country has even one comparable ship [re: our super-carriers],” he said, adding that it “has 57 nuclear-powered attack and cruise missile submarines — again, more than the rest of the world combined.” And “the displacement of the US battle fleet — a proxy for overall fleet capabilities — exceeds, by one recent estimate, at least the next 13 navies combined.”