Tisha on Tosh.0.

Given all the doom and gloom on the blog lately, here’s a little ray of god damn sunshine.

A while back I got to meet one of Christina‘s friends on a visit to St. Louis, Tisha.  She was a plucky, fun lady who was born without arms.  I even got to interview her (and get my ass kicked by her).

It seems now that she has caught on and she’s being interviewed by other guys, and you know how jealous I get.  I just don’t think it’s going to work out between us.  😛

Make sure you watch the whole thing, because it’s all about Tisha once you get past the intro jokes.

If you want to learn more about Tisha and to get a gander at her art, my interview goes a little more in-depth than Tosh’s (and was edited by the lovely Christina to show a lot more of the deep stuff, like art and religion).

You should also check out Tisha’s youtube channel:)

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