Unpacking atheism, you say?

The Atheists are coming horror poster.It turns out, just down the road from Kansas City in Raytown, MO, there is an event at Westridge Christian Church called “Unpacking Atheism.”  It’s going to include a live broadcast from Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg and William Lane Craig.  You know William Lane Craig – he’s the one who, in his book Reasonable Faith (pages 47-48 in the 3rd edition), wrote (bold mine):

I think Martin Luther correctly distinguished between what he called the magisterial and ministerial uses of reason. The magisterial use of reason occurs when reason stands over and above the gospel like a magistrate and judges it on the basis of argument and evidence. The ministerial use of reason occurs when reason submits to and serves the gospel…. Should a conflict arise between the witness of the Holy Spirit to the fundamental truth of the Christian faith and beliefs based on argument and evidence, then it is the former which must take precedence over the latter, not vice versa.

So it’s a chance to get lectured by a guy who decided he’s found the truth, to the exclusion of argument and evidence, before setting out to look for it.  Splendid.

And Lee Strobel?  Get ready for the fine-tuning argument.

According to the event description on their website Lee and Mark will “offer a balanced and accurate assessment of Atheism through their own personal experience, interviews, and the riveting stories of Atheists that have converted to Christianity.”  Well, if it’s going to be balanced and accurate, then surely they won’t mind have a pack of atheists there on the infinitesimal chance that these guys start making a bunch of shit up.

So tonight lots of the contributors from this blog (Dr. Dave, Steven Olsen, Michaelyn, and myself) will join other atheists in the Kansas City area to go see what lies Christianity’s finest are dumping on their followers nowadays.  Afterward, I’ll get some of the conversations we have on film.

I’ll be live-blogging the fun, so check in around 6pm CDT for that.  I also may bring a water bottle full of beer, for which we must conceive of a drinking game!  Then all of you at home can play too!


  1. Two drinks for each of the following.
    1. Moral argument.
    2. Fine-tuning argument.
    3. Argument from design.
    4. Ontological argument (a perfect god would necessarily exist, because existence is part of perfection).
  2. One drink for every argument from ignorance.
  3. One drink every time we’re told we must pray for something.
  4. One drink every time Richard Dawkins is mentioned.
  5. One drink every time an argument is based on atheists being generalized (“atheists just want to sin”, “atheists hate god”, “atheists are assholes”, etc.)
  6. Three drinks for “atheists have a god-shaped hole in their heart”.
  7. Two drinks for Pascal’s Wager.
    1. 1/1000 of a drink every time they’re sure it’s a game-changer (hopefully the drink tally here will be low enough to prevent alcohol poisoning).
  8. One drink for every non-sequitor (gay people can’t produce children…as if that would take children away from straight couples).
  9. One drink for every time your brain tells you to give the Dave Silverman face and you fail to resist.
  10. 1/1,000,000th of a drink every time the guy (WLC) who said reason takes a backseat to the claims of Christianity (affirming that he did not decide those claims were true by reason) praises logic.

Toss in your own suggestions.  I suspect this game would be enough to get even Christopher Hitchens drunk.

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