We need a drinking game.

Ok, it’s been decided that I’m going to be back home in time for the debate, which means live-blogging.  It also means record amounts of frustration, a malady for which there is but one antidote: lots and lots of alcohol.

I’m about to go get ready to head over to the SOMA meeting on the KU campus to be a part of their lobbying meeting.  Whilst I’m away, could I get you lovely, lovely readers to conceive of some drinking game rules?  When I get home, I’ll pick out the best ones (that won’t result in our death) and post them for everybody to play.

w00000000t uh ‘merica!

  • theAtheistAxolotl

    My professor suggested drinking every time anyone said “middle-class”, but we decided that that would probably be lethal…

  • Nick Johnson / Remijdio

    I’m taking a drink every time Mitt Romney says taxes. In other words, I’m DVR’ing the debate so I can watch the last hour and fifteen minutes.

  • Amyc

    I say we drink every time Romney changes his position on an issue, or every time he voices the same opinion as Obama on an issue and then minutes later rails against Obama for having that opinion.

  • anatman

    play the teetotaler version. take a drink every time romney says something true.

  • Ron

    Drink every time a former president is mentioned, Romney gives the pensive half smile that looks like he is holding back a fart, Obama says Obama care and smiles like a second grader admiring his spaghetti and glue collage. Drink each time depression creeps up on you a bit realizing there are a large amount of people who would actually vote for Romney. Drink when either candidate laughs at their own humor. Every time Romney flip flops you have to take a drink spit it back out and drink it again.