Why atheists aren’t suing Muslims in 10 questions

Christina here…

I’ve come across a curious type of comment lately, usually in reference to the FFRF or other organizations working to protect our freedoms under the Establishment Clause:


@theblaze @billyhallowell I like the question about the athiest lawsuit. Why don’t the athiests go after the Muslims. Are athiests Muslims?

— Joe Snuffy (@Snuffy_Joe)


@ziztur so show me one lawsuit atheists have brought against muslims or hindus or Jews

— Talesin (@talesin)


Presumably, the people who are asking this question have an answer, which goes like this: because atheists are really just anti-Christian, are secretly Muslim, or have some other nefarious reason for “attacking” Christians but not Muslims. That’s why they only sue Christians.

People who ask questions like these are correct on one thing: most of the time, when you hear about lawsuits brought against religious groups in the USA, Christianity is the religion in question.

Here’s the answer. We atheists really are up to no good. Here, I’ll show you with ten examples:

1. Why aren’t there news stories about atheists suing the government of a local town, because that town has decide to carve passages from the Koran into the marble entryway of a courthouse?

  • Because Muslims have never carved passages from the Koran into the marble of the courthouse entryway (or done anything else analogous). Unlike Christians, who have ten commandments displays in courthouses all over the country.

2. Why aren’t there news stories about atheists suing to have the 9/11 Muslim memorial removed as a violation of the establishment clause?

3. Why aren’t there news stories about atheists suing to remove “Under Allah” from the pledge of allegiance?

  • Because it says, “Under god”, yo. If we sue to have “under god” removed, then we’re not targeting any specific religion.

4. Why hasn’t the ACLU sued Muslim charter schools for using taxpayer funds to promote religion?

5. Why hasn’t the ACLU sued to stop schools from forcing children to recite Hindu prayers before classes start in a public school?

  • Because Hindus, unlike Christians, don’t force kids in public schools into reciting Hindu prayers. Nor have other minority religions tried to make kids in public schools recite prayers.

6. Why hasn’t the ACLU sued the library in a prominent Jewish neighborhood when it blocked access to Christian websites?

7. Why haven’t atheists sued to block Pennsylvania from declaring 2012 the “year of the Koran”?

  • Because Pennsylvania didn’t try to declare 2012 the “year of the Koran” – that was the “year of the Bible“. Nor has any state or local government tried to do anything even remotely similar.

8. Why haven’t atheists sued to remove a Muslim prayer on display in a public school?

  • Because there aren’t any Muslim prayers (or prayers from other minority religions) on display in public schools for atheists to sue over.

9. Why don’t atheists sue Islamic countries where apostasy is illegal?

  •  Because the world doesn’t work like that.  We would if we could.

10.Why haven’t atheists sued to block Muslims from invoking Shariah Law in court proceedings?

  • Because a Muslim invoking Shariah Law in court proceedings is as effective as a Christian invoking Old Testament law in court proceedings: a Christian or a Muslim can invoke whatever silly law they please, but that’s no threat to established domestic law. I could invoke “atheist law”, which allows me to speed 15 miles over the speed limit on Sundays, but my local court will just roll their eyes and fine me anyway.

The reason atheists, the FFRF and the ACLU target Christians for lawsuits under the establishment clause isn’t because we just hate Christians so much. It’s because Christians are violating the establishment clause with reckless abandon, while other minority religions are not.  People just don’t make good legal targets when they aren’t doing anything illegal.

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