You can trust him, he’s a Pastor!



You ever notice how religion makes people develop superior ethics? How being in tune with the will of God makes one a better person? How those in leadership positions of theology are pillars of the community?

A Toronto pastor swindled parishioners and colleagues of more than $8 million


Well. That’s awkward. Well, the victims were probably all wealthy investors, right? Being a pastor means you would never prey upon those who have the most need, right?

The ruling says one victim was a stay-at-home mom with two sons, both blind and one also autistic.

She invested $60,000 from her mother-in-law’s estate with Hibbert in a bid to establish security for her oldest son, who she said will probably never be able to work……Another victim was a part-time teacher who ended up having to sell her home and live in a rental property with her husband and three children.

Well, he wants “us” clergy to be rich, anyway.

At least he used it to further the word of God, right? Or maybe he just had to fib a little to raise some capital from wealthy investors? Probably to build an orphanage?

 understood her investment would be used to trade foreign exchange currencies, the ruling said, and was never told part of the money would be used to pay other investors, for office expenses or to compensate Hibbert and his family.


“Pay Other Investors” = Almost always means “Ponzi Scheme

Hey, maybe he’s just a scumbag. Maybe it’s just a coincidence he’s a “man of God” and maybe these folks just thought they were investing with a financial professional.

testified she invested $60,000 with Hibbert after hearing about him from friends. She was also persuaded, the ruling said, “because Hibbert was a pastor.


It’s almost as if religion doesn’t make you a better person.



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