Skepticon: pretty much saved.

It seems that thanking my readers is becoming a full-time job for me.  I’m ok with that.

Just two days ago many of the movement’s leaders asked you to help Skepticon.  Though I am no longer part of the organizing effort, Skepticon remains my baby, and one of the most important things to me in this movement.  The idea of Skepticon is something I think we need, for all the reasons I laid out.  When Skepticon meets with unfortunate circumstances, I feel them too.

So I asked you guys to help, and boy, did you ever respond.  Lauren made this post on the Skepticon site last night.


I am back, and this time with spectacular news! We are doing so, so very well thanks to the generosity of this community. Skepticon put out the call for help and all of you answered. If I could give everyone a hug in person, I certainly would and I hope to do that as much as possible at the convention this weekend!

I want to specifically thank our speakers and bloggers who stepped up to the plate and helped us spread the word. I especially want to thank JT Eberhard, who has helped us these past two days more than we could possibly know.

As for our financial situation–at this moment we are just about set. While we still have a bit to go–I don’t have any concrete numbers to give you all. And why is this? Because our contract has as of yet to be finalized with our venue/hotel people so we’re in a financial limbo until that gets worked out tomorrow afternoon. What I can tell you is that we have raised about 6,000 dollars in the past two days. HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. That is so amazing!

I want to assure everyone that Skeptcon is NOT CANCELLED. We WILL go on as usual.

In the meantime, tomorrow we are going to be doing some blogging on Hemant’s Mehta’s Friendly Atheist Blog (thanks Hemant for being so amazingly awesome!) in order to raise the final amount of funds. (Donate here!)

Thank you all for be so darned awesome and supportive. With your help, we are going to make this our most fifth year yet. Our community rocks socks.

Love as always,


Thank you.  Thank you for taking care of my sick baby.  😛

As I said on Saturday, the event will go on.  The team is putting all the finishing touches up this week, and I have no doubt that this will be the best Skepticon to date.  This week I am rehearsing my talk, Dear Christian 2, which is far and away my favorite talk ever (and the one into which I have put the most effort).  I can’t wait to share it with those who can attend, and with everybody else via youtube (thanks to the team who uploads them for the world to see, as always, for free, paid for by their effort).

Hugs will abound this weekend.

And if you’re hanging around the web today, go say hi to Lauren over at the Friendly Atheist.  She’s putting in overtime hours on Skepticon this week (I know she canceled all her other appointments) in order to make it the best ever.  She does this not for money, but for the reward of helping this movement.  Go tell her thanks.

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