A Romney Magic Act!



Fire up your sense of schadenfreude, you can watch people removing their “Like” from the Romney Facebook page, in real time! With graphs!




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  • baal

    It’d be nice to have a comparison to other folks drop off but yeah, absent the party loyalty floggings and election pressuring folks, it really seems like noone particularly likes the guy.

  • Destiny

    Open Romney’s and Obama’s FB pages, refresh every 10 seconds. You’ll see Romney losing likes, and Obama gaining them, way faster than Romney is losing. LOL!

  • D-A

    All downwards pointing curves can seem steep if you ignore the numbers on the y-axis.
    At the current pace Romney will have lost all his followers just in time for the 2016 election…

  • Epinephrine

    Bad axes. Seriously, that’s egregiously bad presentation. You can’t start your graph at 12,000,000 to make it look like the loss of 45,000 “likes” is a huge drop. It’s a fraction of a percent.