American Family Association leader loves the “kill the gays” bill.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association just praised the bill in Uganda that could result in gay people being put to death.  And why should anybody be surprised?  It’s the influence of deep, fundamentalist Christianity in Uganda that has paved the way for this kind of barbarity in the first place.

Bryan Fischer, the public face of the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, Sunday came out in favor of Uganda‘s anti-homosexuality law. Via Twitter, Fischer praised Uganda, falsely suggesting Uganda had just made homosexuality illegal. In fact, homosexuality has been illegal since British 19th century colonial rule. It’s rather embarrassing for Fischer to be unaware of the state of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law.

“Homosexuality now against the law in Uganda, just as it was for 200 years in the US. It can be done,” Fischer wrote.

We are always told that Christianity makes people better.  However, one needs only glance at the like of the American Family Association to see how faith can corrupt the word “family” into a rallying cry for people who would diminish the happiness of others, even to the point of ending their lives.  These people’s Christian faith is at the root of the problem, not the antidote to it.

The response will be that all these people get Christianity wrong, as if every Christian of every stripe wasn’t relying on personal revelation to some extent or another.  The truth, to all you “they get Christ wrong” Christians out there, is that your personal revelations are no more reliable than the personal revelations of those like Bryan Fischer.  And by spreading the message that personal faith can lead someone to truth about the will of god, you moderates have constructed the framework that supports the personal faiths of these maniacs.  Don’t you even think about commenting on this post until you’ve first written to the AFA to jump their ass, because if you prioritize telling me how beautiful faith is over chastising the people set to execute gay people in the name of Christ, then you have no right to speak about about moral priorities.

Take people abiding by the scribblings of an ancient people, with morals as useful to the 21st century as the practice of bleeding, out of the equation, and you’d have far fewer voices crying for the deaths of normal people.

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