Anti-gay lawyer for the Alliance Defending Freedom arrested on child pornography charges.

I know some of you read that title and think “JT is being sensationalist!”  No, I’m not, it’s just that satire is dead.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly the Alliance Defense Fund) is a group which, ironically, works very hard to limit the freedom of gay people by preventing them from marrying.  It was founded by some of Christianity’s most infamous leaders like Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) and James Dobson.

I hope they weren’t taking their hiring cues from the almighty, because one of their lawyers just got caught being very, very bad.

A Manchester lawyer took a teenage girl to Canada, had her engage in sexual activity and convinced her to let it be filmed, according to federal indictments.

FBI agents swiftly arrested Lisa Biron yesterday morning as she awaited a hearing on child pornography charges at Manchester’s district court. About 9 a.m. FBI agents entered the courtroom, told Biron to leave her belongings and took her into an adjoining conference room where she remained for several minutes before coming out in handcuffs.

Outside, Biron ducked her head below the backseat window of a white vehicle as it was driven away from the courthouse.

A few hours later in U.S. District Court in Concord, Biron, who is associated with a national coalition of Christian lawyers, was formally told of the federal charges against her: transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, possession of child pornography and five counts of sexual exploitation of children.

I can only imagine what she said to the police: “It’s ok guys, we’re not married.”  Because two consenting adult women is immoral and a threat to society.

Maybe she just needs more Jesus?  That will surely be the message from the ADF.  Although, Jesus was watching the whole time and didn’t do anything.  Perhaps Jesus should be arrested as well?  Yeah, going to throw out something crazy here, but maybe what she needs instead of Jesus is some god damn empathy for other human beings!!!

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  • http://- GD

    Wow.. it makes it even better that it is a ‘she.’ Worse, I mean… how sad. But no worries; its not like she can go biblical and marry the poor girl!

  • RuQu

    That kid in Oklahoma just got sentenced to ten-years of weekly church attendance as part of his manslaughter plea. Perhaps this lady will get sentenced to attend Catholic services.

  • N

    Wow, reading that block quote was an interesting trip through having my assumptions shattered. “Oh, huh, it was an underaged girl – I wouldn’t have guessed that this indiscretion was heterosexual in nature.” One paragraph later: “Oh, huh.”

  • Alex

    It’s not clear that Biron engaged in sexual activity with the girl herself — the phrasing “had her engage in sexual activity” implies to me that Biron pimped her out to someone else, so it may have been heterosexual. It’s equally abusive and illegal either way.

  • Ben Evans

    The saddest thing is that the rest of the anti gay movement will see this as confirming evidence that they are right. I get worried when people think that sex is something that should be hidden and never talked about… it makes me think that the way they are doing it wrong.

  • Chris Pinson

    ADF Attorney Caught With Child Porn? Not Really
    Point to it as yet another example of an anti-gay, “pro-family” Christian covering up their sexual predation? Absolutely. But the “association” with the ADF is pretty weak here. It appears that she was the local attorney who worked with them on a single case. She didn’t work for them, she was involved in a single case. The ADF works just like the ACLU does in this regard, contracting with a local “cooperating attorney” to handle such cases. If an attorney in Keokuk, Iowa who once worked with the ACLU on a single case was caught doing something terrible, we would find it ridiculous if someone said that proved something bad about the ACLU; the same is true here. Hammer her, but the ADF has no real connection to this.