Atheist gamers bein’ all sweet.

The officers of the Guild Wars 2 guild, Godless, had a button made up to thank me for my help in creating a community for them.

I love being a part of this movement.  You guys are just the best bunch a guy could ask for.  :)

  • Nathan Piccolo

    When we first talked with you this past summer about creating an atheist guild for Guildn Wars 2, we were excited beyond belief. After a few blog post here and there our guild has turned into a membership exceeding 140+ members.

    The safe haven for atheist gamers you helped create and promote has become a wonderful place indeed.

    I agree ,after talking with you earlier, today that we should see about including other games into the mix and build on our community.

    Tweenky and I wanted to thank you for everything and all your help thus far in the guild. Please accept the “specially designed” button as a small token of our appreciation.


    Nathan and Tweenky D.

  • http://- GD

    Hey does any of this community play League of Legends? I am looking for more people to play with also.

  • http://- GD

    I just made a ‘Godless’ ranked team for LoL. It has different rules – only around 10 people can be on the team. If anyone has ~1300+ elo and wants to join, msg me: SuPaH SqUiShY