Baby eater.

The pictures from Skepticon 5 are rolling in.  Some guy named Tom (who is now dead to me) captured this one with Steven Olsen’s son, Marcus.

Me holding a baby that is eating my finger.

This is not right.  The atheist eats the baby, not the other way around.

Texas bill would require fetuses with birth defects to be carried to term.
London pro-equality bus ad scores points for brevity.
Alan Keyes: pro-equality SCOTUS ruling would be a cause for war.
On bigots becoming the minority.
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  • John-Henry Beck

    Does it make it better that that’s a baby-eating baby?

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Finally the great circle of life is complete.

  • Loqi

    Other people describe babies as “cute” or “precious.” I describe them as “tasty” and “good in a lasagna.”

  • Tom VS

    I’m sure the photog feels reeeeally bad about this getting out there… you being that firebrand heathen and all.