Bill O’Reilly says stupid things.

Dave Silverman went on the O’Reilly Factor a couple of nights ago. O’Reilly’s fanbase must’ve participated in a poll for the most asinine topic imaginable and, between “Smurfs are waiting to steal your purse” and “There’s a war on Christmas” the latter won. So that’s what they talked about.

O’Reilly says that Christianity is not a religion, it’s a philosophy. Because the two are mutually exclusive, you see.  As Hemant said, Bill O’Reilly must be ok with churches paying taxes now.  Kiss our deficits goodbye!

Why does O’Reilly say something so flagrantly stupid?  Because this is a lie Christians must tell in order to mingle their religion with government.  Whenever “In God We Trust” on our money winds up in court it’s “How could you possibly think a phrase like ‘In God We Trust’ is religious?  Belief in god is tradition, not religion!”  Of course, these are the same people who walk out of the courtroom and say that we’re a Christian nation.  It turns out “Thou shalt not lie” only applies when you’re not lying for the political advancement of your religion.

Think “Christianity isn’t a religion” is as stupid as it could get?  Wrong!

O’Reilly: You and your merry band of fascists —

Silverman: Fascists?! Fascists.

O’Reilly: You get [Christmas] revoked!

Silverman: You called me a fascist!?

O’Reilly: Absolutely!

Silverman: I am a patriot, sir!

O’Reilly: You are a fascist.

Silverman: I am a patriot who is taking the crazy notion that everybody in this country is equal and that the government has to treat everybody fairly. That’s fascism?!

Fascists??  We need to track these villains down wherever they may hide.

Yes, atheists who don’t want religion and government to mix are now fascists.  The people wanting other Americans to live, by mandate of law, by the tenets of their religion?  Not fascist at all.

Bill O’Reilly clearly doesn’t understand tides, Christianity, or fascism.

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