Casting call: kids at Skepticon 5

Christina here…

I’ve decided to produce a video version of my popular post: How To Shove Atheism Down People’s Throats in 10 Easy Steps for Youtube and I need some kids who want to play a role in it!

I would like to film a group of kids who could pass for middle-school age (so if you’re an adult but look like a middle-schooler, I can use you too) reciting “allegiance to godlessness” for this portion of the 10 easy steps:

2. Go after the children in schools: Children in schools are another captive audience. Make sure your school recites The Atheist Mantra during the morning announcements, daily. Make the children pledge allegiance to godlessness. Invite atheist speakers to give presentations during school assemblies about the virtues of godlessness and the vice of theism. Hang quotes about the evils of the Christian god in the hallways.

I’m looking for a group of at least 5 kids, but will take 5-20. We will film on Saturday during dinner (5:30) in a location to be determined but will meet in the lobby of the expo center first. Also, I’ll buy you guys pizza.

Kids under age 18 will need a parent/guardian signature on my video appearance release form People over 18 can sign it themselves. The video will be published on my Youtube channel: Ziztur.

If you/your offspring would like to participate, shoot me an email at zizturiswrong (at~!) or leave a comment below. You can also just show up in the lobby but I need to know how much pizza to order so I’d love it if you emailed me first, but that’s not required. I’ll be in a wheelchair with blue spoked wheels, so am really easy to find.

Did I mention pizza? I think I did.

Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.


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