Dave Silverman gets some more voicemail.

The “bye bye” at the end is just glorious.

And I wish someone would use this argument in a debate with me someday…

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  • ah58

    I’m convinced. I hereby renounce my atheism and accept the reality of Jesus… or fucking… or something.

  • http://reasonableconversation.wordpress.com Kaoru Negisa

    I love the dude in the background with the half-hearted “Jesus is real” to support his friend’s impassioned claim.

  • pjmaertz

    I’m not even joking, that’s the best argument for Christianity I’ve ever heard.

  • IslandBrewer

    Sorry, I may be conflating those two. So is fucking Jesus real? Or is it real that Jesus is fucking me?

    • Randomfactor

      “I have a close, personal relationship with Jesus, but I’m just using him for sex.”

      By the way, Dave’s phone number isn’t embedded in those filenames, is it?

  • Eileen Cano


  • baal

    I have to admit that I have to stop myself from disliking anything said in that accent due to the accent. I also had to stop myself from assuming they must have had an unpleasant childhood to think it’s fun to call up and harass/xtian-troll an atheist.

  • http://hookungfu.blogspot.com Dustin

    I tell you whut.

  • RuQu

    For those of us who cannot listen to audio or videos at work, additional commentary and/or key highlight transcripts would really let us share in the fun.

    • Artor

      Yup. I’m not going to abuse my ears listening to that. A transcript would be alot nicer.