Deep Fried fundraiser for Skepticon 6.

Below is a guest post from Nathan Piccolo from the Deep Fried Freethinkers blog.  He and his wife are doing a fundraiser to get people to Skepticon 6.  🙂

Nathan Piccolo from the Deep-Fried Freethinkers here.

Have you ever had one of those experiences that hits you like a bolt of lightning and you’re energized for days on end? If so, please contact me and tell me exactly where to place the lightning rod for best results.

But seriously, Skepticon 5 was our lightning bolt of inspiration and we want to share that with more people in the coming years.

JT posted November 3rd, 2012, that Skepticon 5 needed help in raising funds. So we all sent as much as we could afford and, just thirty or so hours later, the need was more than met. The following weekend Tweenky and I set off on a seven hour drive from Northeast Mississippi to Springfield, MO. We had just arrived around 6 pm on Friday at Skepticon 5, got to our room at the University Plaza, grabbed a bite at the Terrance Grille and rushed over in time to see Greta Christina via Skype and JT’s talk and surprise proposal. It was between those two talks that I looked around and realized that I loved everything I was seeing and people we were meeting.

As a former Jehovah’s Witness, I was used to conferences of 10,000 to 150,000 people from all over the United States. Skepticon 5 wasn’t nearly that big but what it lacked in quantity was surely made up for in quality!

As we were walking around meeting all the “secularities” we could, this feeling of wanting to do more was growing inside me at an astronomical rate. I think Phil Plait and Neil deGrasse Tyson would
have noticed it had they been there. It wasn’t enough to be at Skepticon. I wanted everyone else to be able to come as well.

We went back to our hotel room and I wrote what I think is a modest proposal: that 120 people commit to donate $10/month for a year to help Skepticon 6. For the price of one pizza a month, you can help send people to Skepticon! There wasn’t enough free time to get the Skepticon team together to discuss it at the time but we did later make contact with Lauren Lane, JT, Adam Brown, and others.

I was ready to be at home and get this fundraiser started. The Piccolo/Tweenky Cruiser could not get us home fast enough!

I spent the next four days reworking my page and sending messages out to get in contact with the right people to get all the important or essential information. Lauren had a mishap with her computer and was out of touch but I did get a hold of Katie Hartman. After talking with Katie, who is the financial director for Skepticon, she got me set up with the Paypal links in needed. Then I created the donation page you can see here:  Skepticon 6.

After talking with Floyd Zamarripa and Katie, I was then directed to Jeff Markus who graciously posted an endorsement on the Facebook Skepticon page and here we are once again promoting the donation page.

Remember: 100% of this money goes to Skepticon. It’s $10/month – a great investment in the skeptical community by getting people together and equipping them to face an irrational world.

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