FOX presents the scariest Christmas ever.

Because it’s we atheists who are taking the joy out of Christmas…

  • Baal

    wth @ 2:35. I know they have a habit of objectifying women but the freaking desk is designed to be peek-a-boo? I got nothing on the substance – the alternative reality tv show channel marches on in it’s battle to spread idiocy as if on a holy mission.

  • John Horstman

    Ooh, haven’t watched yet, but is that demon supposed to be Krampus? We need more Krampus in Christmas!

  • John Horstman

    Okay, I object: atheists didn’t end the tradition of nativity scenes, they cleverly won a bunch of the spaces in the lottery last year, and the city council shut that whole thing down (sounds like it might have been a good idea, given how much orchestrating the lottery was costing the city, though I’m guessing that without the atheist displays as an impetus, it would have continued).