Gay men sue conversion therapy group for failing to deliver.

This is interesting.  A group of gay men and their families are suing a “conversion therapy” center on the grounds that it failed to make them straight.

Bruck and three male plaintiffs contend they were defrauded by JONAH’s claim that “being gay is a mental disorder” that could be reversed by conversion therapy — “a position rejected by the American Psychiatric Association four decades ago,” the lawsuit said.

The therapy, which can cost up to $10,000 a year, put them at risk of “depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior,” while giving them no benefits, the suit said.

Jo Bruck, Sheldon’s mother, and Bella Levin, the mother of plaintiff Chaim Levin, are also plaintiffs because they paid for their sons’ conversion therapy and the counseling the suit said they needed to recover from it.

The conversion therapy techniques included having them strip naked in group sessions, cuddling and intimate holding of others of the same-sex, violently beating an effigy of their mothers with a tennis racket, visiting bath houses “in order to be nude with father figures,” and being “subjected to ridicule as ‘faggots’ and ‘homos’ in mock locker room scenarios,” the suit said.

“As long as you put in the effort, you’re going to change,” Goldberg told Bruck in the summer of 2009, the lawsuit said.

Good for them.

What’s more, I’m sorry anybody ever paid to be treated in the fashion described in that article.

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  • Baal

    Whoot Gay nekked cuddles! Oh wait. nm. They weren’t having fun so much as have sex negative self loathing taught to them. What little I know of psych is pretty clear that this is how you make people clinically depressed. I wish them luck with the suit and hope they win. The usual legal hurdles can be tough when you allege psychic harm or ‘voluntarily’ subject yourself to ‘treatment’. On the plus side, if this one wins, there are a number (ok this is scary) of these centers across the country which could quickly find themselves on the wrong end of lots of liability.

  • Uncle Bobolink

    This type of case would come under the classification of Malpractice, and Malpractice can be worth Millions.

  • Zugswang

    Good. If you have standing, sue their asses to oblivion. Make it known that deceitfully offering a service that only causes mental trauma has severe financial disincentives, since the moral ones don’t seem to be a significant motivator to not cause harm. Make it so that these religious sadists can’t torture homosexuals and make money from it.

  • Brad1990

    I fail to see how the morons running this programme thought that “having them strip naked in group sessions, cuddling and intimate holding of others of the same-sex” would ever make them reconsider their homosexuality. That is equivalent to “forcing” me to cuddle up to a naked woman in the middle of a group full of naked women and then wondering why my sexuality didn’t change.