Guy affectionately remembers me trolling him. :)

I got this message from Aknor the True-hearted on facebook this morning (name changed to protect their identity).  It made my day and I thought I’d share.

Professor Dr. Professor Eberhard,

While posting a link to an article on the wall of my dear friend Jacob, here (ironically, the article was about a judge sentencing a 17-year-old-boy to church after he was convicted of first degree manslaughter), I noticed that he had befriended you on this social network. (“HOLY FUCK. HOW ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH JT EBERHARD.”) I was already aware of you, as a past acquaintance told me about your work awhile back while I was in the middle of an existential crisis and I watched some videos, read some stuff, etc. Anyway, Jacob told me that he had met you when you spoke at his college, and I expressed jealousness.

Anyway, I went to your profile page out of curiosity, and upon seeing that you were an opera major at MSU and worked at Haruno in 2010, I recalled that we had in fact already met.

On my mother’s birthday two years ago, my family went to Haruno, and you were the guy going around refilling everyone’s glasses of water.

No idea how the conversation got started, but we talked about music, which led to you telling me about being an opera major, which led to me mentioning the Adam Lambert concert at the JKH a few weeks before, which led to you telling me about your involvement with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (you lamented that you were going to attend the anti-hate protest in front of the JKH with them, but couldn’t because of work).

This meeting was also the first time you inspired me (odd, because at the time, I was Christian and had no idea who you were): the restaurant was slow that day, so you just stood in a corner with your pitcher of water, and every time one of us took ONE sip, you walked over and refilled the glass. My parents became super annoyed, but I was filled with a sense of troll-pride, and thought, “Wow, now THAT’S a real troll. I want to be like THAT guy someday.”

Two years later, I’m well on my way.

Anyway, this sudden recollection was to epic to NOT share, so I of course felt compelled to share it, so as to not deprive you of its aforementioned epicness.

Thanks for all that you do!

Good times.

The sad truth is that, despite my love of artfully trolling, that night I was in the section of a server who demanded I do that against my protestations that it would annoy the hell out of people and cost him a percentage of his tip.

Sometimes I ask people what they do for a living when I meet them at conferences.  Often they get sheepish and half-whisper that they work at Target or something.  Look, a job is a job.  It doesn’t define you.  You’re defined by all the stuff you do when not at work.  I worked at Taco Bell for four years, a shitty ice cream shop (Braum’s) for two years, and this place for a year and a half, along with other shit jobs.  Everybody has shit jobs while they work on other stuff.

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