How to project “legitimate rape” onto your opponent.

I’m feeling political today.  Let’s start with this video.  After a PAC called “Now or Never”, which apparently cares more about the “R” after a candidate’s name than whether or not they consider some rapes to be legitimate, dropped $800,000 on Todd Akin’s campaign, the campaign put out this ad.  The message seems to be “my legitimate rape comments aren’t as bad as her!”

That’s some hubris right there.

McCaskill thinks you should vote based on what people say, not what people do.

Are we to imagine that what people say doesn’t have a tremendous impact on what they’ll do?  Should we expect Akin to look out for women despite his “legitimate rape” bullshit?  Sorry Todd, but while some Missourians will hear the message of “what I said is irrelevant” and will swallow it (hopefully not enough for you to win), I’m not one of them.

And what’s this bullshit about Obama’s “war on jobs”?  How demented do you have to be to think that Obama’s has spend all these years in politics only so now, presumably because he’s evil, he can work to unmake jobs?  You know who was fucking great at eliminating jobs?  The last guy the Republicans had in office.  The tallest throne in the pantheon of job loss belongs to him.

Obama, on the other hand, has fixed the damage your guy did.  Since the economy has turned around (the last 31 months) we’ve added just under five million jobs, with economists projecting another twelve million in the next four years (for which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to take early credit).  Hell, in the news just this morning I read that we added 171,000 jobs in October.  That’s a mighty ineffective effort in the “war on jobs.”

We knew Todd Akin was an asshole, so it should come as no surprise the lengths to which he is dishonest.  Unfortunately there’s a lot of people in Missouri gullible enough to believe in people rising from the dead.  It’s equally unsurprising that many of them will be unable to catch obvious lies like this.

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