New Book Tells Personal Journeys to Atheism for 25 Young People, Including Me.

Book cover for Generatioin Atheist.I figured I’d just steal the title from the post over at Friendly Atheist, since it applies to me as well.  😛

Former CFI activist, Dan Riley, has released his first book: Generation Atheist. The book interviews and tells the stories of 25 different young atheists, from the bold activist, to the closeted youngster living in fear of their family.  The book is intended to show atheists that, regardless of their bent, that they are not alone.  It is also intended to give the religious a glimpse into what life can be like for us who do not fear Lucifer, but who instead fear Christians on account of the social penalties that exist for being a non-believer in this country.

To quote Riley…

As an out-atheist and former campus organizer, it is a book I now want to give to friends and family who quizzically wonder why anyone would become an atheist, how people become nonreligious, and why I’m still so concerned with religious topics as a nonreligious person.

While the book includes discussions of philosophy and religious texts, these are stories, first and foremost, about people and the lives that they’ve lived. In Generation Atheist, the reader will find personal liberation from fear and cognitive dissonance, a purpose-driven life of secular activism, a struggle to reconcile Christianity and homosexuality, a journey into music to reveal and work through childhood indoctrination, a near suicide caused by the loss of faith and family, ostracism from communities in Louisiana and Rhode Island, and a former medical-student-turned-high-school-teacher-and-blogger readers of this site might be quite familiar with.

This book could very well reach a broad audience.  You can also read my story in it.

If you share your story, you might even be able to land a free copy.

To celebrate its release and to start a conversation about its stories, I’m giving away 10 copies of this book for free — in either paperback or Kindle format — to people who share with us their own personal journey to becoming an atheist. It may take a sentence or a few paragraphs, but just leave #GenerationAtheist at the end of your comment. I’ll select a group of winners next week.

I hope you will check out the abbreviated introductions of the people in the book on the book’s website. If this book speaks to you or someone you know, I hope you’ll consider sharing it with them.

Best of luck to Dan!  As soon as I’ve managed to get through the book, I’ll put up a review (or, if someone wants to guest write a review, let me know).

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