Pictures from this morning.

Here are pics from this morning at Skepticon 5 with protesters and others.  :)  Thanks to my brand-spankin’ new fiance for taking them.

(Sorry for no alt text, but I’m crunched for time atm.)


  • anatman

    i’m a bit disappointed by the shirt. ed should have been a bit more consistent and had it say ‘ed brayton is a poker no-god’.

  • Glodson

    This looks like fun. It makes me wish I could have attended. Damn living in Texas!

    Yes, I say that often.

  • ah58

    I find “Are You Ready” written across a torture device to be sorta creepy.

  • Amyc

    @ Glodson: where in Texas do you live? A group of us from DFW is trying to start some sort of traveling atheist organization. Still in infant stages though. Email me at phoenix _ 860 at hotmail dot com for more information about it.