Romney really meant the 47% comment.

Remember when Mitt Romney “misspoke” that bit about 47% of Americans (read: the people he wanted to represent) being societal leeches?  Of all the times for there to be a hidden camera in the room, right?  About a month afterward Mitt, who would never lie to get elected, told America that what he said didn’t quite come out right (by “47% are moochers who will never vote for me” he apparently meant “47% are Americans busting their asses who need the assistance of leadership like mine”).  Paul Ryan even said in the VP debate that “sometimes things just don’t come out right.”

Remember when people so set on hating Obama were gullible enough to believe Mitt’s sudden transformation?

On a conference call with top donors Wednesday, Romney doubled down on the “47 percent” remarks that dogged the final months of his presidential bid. Romney told some of the people who financed his campaign he lost because the key voting blocs that voted for Obama did so because Obama gave them free stuff.

“With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift,” to younger voters, Romney said on the call according to the New York Times. “Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women.” Romney said made similar points about African Americans and Hispanic voters.

Yeah.  Turns out he was an asshole all along.  Who knew?

There’s also this.

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  • pjmaertz

    Just when I thought I would never have to hear from that giant douche again…

    Oh well. I don’t think that this should surprise anyone. Romney is who he is: a privileged plutocrat with zero empathy who wanted to win the presidency to add to his personal wealth, and to add to the legacy of the Romney name. I’m happy he was defeated.

  • Charlie Kilian

    Romney’s implication that voters were bribed with “gifts” is condescending and destructive to our country. Far from being a sign that our system is broken, Obama’s win shows that our representative democracy is working. Obama’s winning coalition is described by Romney as “special interest groups,” implying that what they want and what they vote for is invalid. By describing minorities’ needs as a “bribe,” Romney implies they are voting against the best interests of the country. Those best interests are, of course, the desires of old white men. Which is to say that, according to Romney, the country exists to serve old white men, and NOT Obama’s minority coalition “special interest groups.”

    Who is in this illegitimate coalition? Romney tells us: the African-American community, the Hispanic community, young people, and college-aged women. So there you have it, straight from his own mouth. The Republican Party continues the fight for their core values of racism, classism, and sexism.

    • Silent Service

      Sadly, true. As a middle-aged white male, I would like to apologize for all the dickhead old white men. Of course, being Bi, I do not really represent them since I am not a Real “Muricin.” Never mind my 25 years of service to country now. Aim High!

      • baal

        As Clinton would say, I feel your pain. The news’ lazy formulation of “well older white men all went for Romney” has been bothering me. I voted for the other guy.

  • Loqi

    I keep hearing about how Obama won by helping students with debt, helping the poor, addressing women’s issues, doing something about immigration, and with his response to Sandy. To which I reply, “So he won by adressing the issues and showing leadership during a national tragedy? What underhanded tactics!”

    • RuQu

      Loqi, what you fail to understand is that all of these programs undermine our traditional American independence. To help us realize that frontier-style freedom, we need Romney to implement policies that will make log cabin living seem like success. Only by leaving everyone with so little that wandering into the wilderness seems like a good lifestyle choice will we truly be free.

      • Artor

        Yeah, that mean, evil Obama is depriving all the newly-homeless in New York the opportunity to pull themselves up by their bootstraps in the middle of a disastrous wasteland with winter coming on. How could he be so cruel?

  • ResearchToBeDone

    So Obama won because he gave the gift of supporting policies that help people, essentially?

    That’s why I’m voting Romney next time; he won’t baby us by giving us the “gift” of being a decent president with sensible policies that help people.

  • ResearchToBeDone

    Vote Romney: Because if you want a president who will make good decisions, that means you’re incapable of taking responsibility for yourself. Makes perfect sense.

  • RuQu

    Hmmm….Louisiana, a solidly “red state,” gets $1.27 from the Federal government for every $1 in taxes. Mississippi gets $2.81 back for every $1 in taxes.

    California, often condemned as a failed economy by the right despite being independently the 8th largest in the world, gets $0.83 back. Delaware gets $0.37.

    While I am cherry-picking a bit here, the trend is overwhelming. 74% of net-giving states are blue. 61% of net-taking states are red, and the red “taker” states take more on average than the blue.

    So who are the moochers again, Romney? Oh, right, the people voting for you. And you know what, those of us who are the net “givers” in this society, the blue states, we are okay with that because we have the decency to think that society has an obligation to its members, even those on the other side of the political divide.

    • RuQu
    • UsingReason

      But the Government is bad?!!

    • baal

      Red States need the help. They are worse off on pretty much any demographic statistic you want to look at (years education, average wage, teen pregnancy, kids in poverty % etc). These are the fully expected consequences of right wing (R) policies.

  • UsingReason

    Romney is right to criticize Obama here. Obviously he was above this sort of thing and promising to give everyone in the entire country a 20% tax break was just what was best for the economy. Obviously all them young single women that where so greedy for that free birth control did the math and realized that while a 20% tax break represents thousands of dollars, free birth control is a much higher value; ya know, when you’re all slutty and stuff.

  • machintelligence

    The 1 % are just pissed off because they could not buy the election.
    They just feel that they used the wrong coin.