Sandra Fluke nominated for “Person of the Year” by TIME. Anguish erupts from REAL America.

Picture of Sandra Fluke at a congressional hearing.TIME Magazine has announced Sandra Fluke, the advocate for contraception being covered as part of health insurance, as one of their finalists for person of the year.

Time has nominated the new face of birth control as their “Person of the Year 2012.”

Sandra Fluke — the recently graduated 31-year-old Georgetown law student who rose to prominence this year after she advocated for free-birth control before Congress and radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” — is now one of 40 nominations for Time Magazine’s annual honor.

Fluke and Limbaugh became part of the story line in the so-called Republican “war on women” and she went on to become a Barack Obama campaign surrogate.

The newly minted lawyer secured a Democratic National Convention speaking slot, and spent much of the campaign discussing issues that assisted in Obama’s significant margin of victory among single women voters.

Kudos to her.  I love seeing the daughter of a pastor even out the familial effect on the culture war.

The people over at Breitbart who, rather than try to defeat Fluke on the merit of her arguments, did their damndest to paint Fluke as an honorless slut, are not happy.

Fluke, of course, is the condom rights advocate turned Georgetown Law School martyr who testified before Congress about the hardships encountered by young female law school students who couldn’t afford to pay for their own birth control pills. Rush Limbaugh ripped her, prompting faux outcry from the left, all the way up to President Obama, who seized on the incident as proof that the right was waging some sort of war on women, as opposed to a battle against pathetic dependency on government. Obama called her personally, then used her as a campaign surrogate.

Leave it to Time to make her its Person of the Year. Of course, in the year of the dependent American voter, they might be right.

It must be hard to weave this “we’re the voice of REAL America” story when the majority of the country voted against you and admires your enemies.

Breitbart isn’t the only one.  Conservative voices all over are flabbergasted.  Yet, every year, their outrage begins to more and more resemble a feeble, distant whimper as a younger generation, uncontaminated by the social standards of old, begin to grasp the societal rubric firmly, with both hands, and claim it as their own.

The Breitbart folks have already begun skewing the public vote for Fluke on TIME’s website.  How about you guys go adjust it in her favor (and share it around so your friends can do likewise)?

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